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What Do Canvas And Dried Pasta Have In Common?

By Carl Dawson |

"It goes without saying that last week was challenging.

Repatriating staff across the USA and the Middle East from universities that implemented social distancing was the main priority as our business continuity plan kicked in.

The next challenge was how to best focus our hundred plus staff around the world...

Even as a US resident now, the BBC is still my first port of call for news. It was there that a piece on the necessity of staples (ensuring there is enough dried pasta on the shelves rather than fifteen types of ketchup) helped me clarify 'what's important now'.

Over 300 universities and 939 school districts in the US alone have shut and wholly digital learning materials became the new paradigm.

It was no surprise then that school districts and universities called us this week. The main requirements were "...we need it ready quickly, it must be social, available on variable bandwidth and secure."

This is why, for us, rapidly deployable materials on the Canvas LMS are the 'dried pasta' of education - getting what institutions need right now.

I'll continue to share tools, resources, and experiences here on our blog."

-Carl Dawson

Co-Founder & Chairperson

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