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Construct Goes for Gold at CanvasCon Europe 2019

This year we had the pleasure of participating as a Gold Level Sponsor, through our partnership with Instructure, at CanvasCon Europe in Barcelona, Spain.

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona, acknowledged as a major European smart city (1), has recently been climbing the ladder of European hubs well-suited for fostering growth in creativity and innovation. According to Laura Urquizu (CEO, Red Point):

"Over the past years, Barcelona has emerged as one of the leading European cities for technology entrepreneurship. The combination of highly qualified talent from all around the world and an environment that encourages innovation has led to success stories such as Travelperk, Glovo, and Typeform." (2)

The Event

Team members Nikita, Fred, and Umar, traveled from our London office to represent Construct at our booth and explain to attendees who we are, what we do, & how we do it.

As part of the event, attendees also had the amazing opportunity to attend several breakout sessions focused around several topics including course design, analytics, blended learning, student success, digital needs, and many other informative pieces.

Our breakout session on Experiential and Blended Learning was given by Umar who addressed:

  • Our model for creating digital and blended learning approaches

  • How to create experiential learning environments within Canvas using the 'basic' set of tools provided by Instructure and other general integrations

  • How we create concrete case studies

  • How we develop risk-free environments through which learners can test their skills

  • Our capabilities and proclivity to design activities that integrate visual media and promote collaboration (both peer-to-peer and peer-to-coach)

If you missed our session reach out to learn more about how we can enable unique transformative digital learning experiences for a variety of students, organizations, and learning institutions around the world.

We were pleased to hear from Instructure that by the end of our presentation, we had hosted what was reported as the MOST attended breakout session of the entire day.

The Environment

Educational professionals, technologists, industry experts, and innovators all curious about the world of education technology, gathered from around the continent to participate in this two-day event. The conference venue was lively and provided our team with the amazing opportunity to introduce ourselves to many other lovers of learning. Some of the attendees included university representatives, organizations from the non-profit sector, and several others. We were not only excited to network in a space of 500+ professionals (1), but we were also fortunate enough to get to revisit with some of our past and current clients including Cranfield University and Uppsala University who provided us with:

Positive feedback on our course migrations


Positive feedback on our past program launches


Our team had an enriching experience provided by both the conference itself, and the surrounding culture and beauty of Barcelona. We are pleased to have represented our work and our unique capabilities serving in partnership with Instructure. Some of the distinctive benefits of Construct compared to other OPM/OPE attendee solutions include:

+The variety of learning solutions we offer including course design, development, production, technology, strategy, migration, delivery, and more.

+Our offer of tailored combinations of our products and services that can conform to the unique needs of each organization.

+Our in-house capabilities to integrate, transform, and elevate courses all within the Canvas platform.

+Our expertise and ability to advise on the use of "basic" tools within Canvas to take entire programs from point A to point Z.

If you missed us at CanvasCon Europe this year get in touch with any questions or inquiries, and we'll help connect you with one of our passionate experts that can help. If you did get a chance to chat with us don't hesitate to reconnect. We look forward to sharing this experience again next year and taking in the amazing new city, culture, and array of knowledge that CanvasCon Europe has to offer.






Victoria Hekking

Marketing Specialist

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