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Partnering with FutureLearn


March 11, 2021

Construct and FutureLearn began working together last May (2020). With growing global offices, Construct has provided this partnership with ensured quality, cost-efficacy, and collaboration. Functioning effectively as an extension of the FutureLearn team, the partnership with Construct is set to grow over the coming year.

Initial Partnerships
Construct’s first project with FutureLearn involved working with the Education & Training Foundation. Throughout the project last year, the Construct team was responsible for developing 27 T-Level Professional Development courses, including media production. This year, Construct has been contracted to develop eight more courses as a part of this series, including greater development of audio, video, scripts, and graphics than before.

Beyond the first project, Construct has also begun working with FutureLearn to support the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIIT) project throughout this year. This additional project will also focus on the development of media content for EIIT.

As this partnership continues to progress, Construct and recent investor Online Education Services (OES) will join together to support FutureLearn’s development of ExpertTracks.


ExpertTracks are in-depth course bundles that aim to “build practical expertise alongside top universities and industry leaders,” allowing learners to earn digital certifications that demonstrate mastery of new skills and specialist areas.

With a dedicated team joining together with FutureLearn, consisting of experts from both Construct and OES, ExpertTracks will continue to build over the next year.

CloudSwift and The University of California Irvine are among the first institutions that this team has worked with, and will continue working with, to develop ExpertTracks. Topics including IT services, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Python Programming, and the Fundamentals of Agile are among several of the initial ExpertTracks that Construct has developed and are actively working toward developing.

The SEEK Family

Moving forward, OES, Construct, and FutureLearn plan to leverage their global reach as a part of the SEEK Group to provide a unique partnership to enable scalable, world-class programs and ensure impactful and meaningful online learning solutions.

As a part of these efforts, OES & Construct are currently collaborating to establish a dedicated joint team that will solely support the development of courses in collaboration with FutureLearn. This team will consist of committed quality control, experts in digitizing courseware, scriptwriters, production and design members, and several others.


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