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Construct Delivers Two Courses for Northeastern University School of Law


March 16, 2021

This project began in September 2020 (to be completed in January 2021) as a partnership between Construct, All Campus, and the Northeastern University School of Law. This partnership’s goal was to deliver complete courses that are masters-level but not intended to be used as part of the master’s degree program. This project is the first Construct collaboration with Northeastern University.


What We’ve Accomplished


Working together with All Campus, Construct built two masters-level courses for Northeastern University School of Law. The course topics included Current Debates in Public Policy and Legal Foundations of Public Policy. Each course consisted of roughly 40 pages of content. Along with the uplifted content, Construct also integrated talking-head style intro-videos into seven of the learning modules, plus eight scenario videos and various custom graphics and infographics. The NEU team was elated with the production quality, design, and nature of the relationship with the Construct production team.


Going the Extra Mile


The project was delivered to Northeastern University on time, and the NEU team was completely thrilled with the final courses. Feedback revealed that stakeholders highly valued the interactive nature of the learning design, and relationships between the Construct team and NEU subject matter experts were extremely positive and comfortable. One NEU subject matter expert even stated that one of the online courses produced was the best they had ever seen at Northeastern.


What’s Next?


As Construct met NEU’s outcomes and produced their deliverables, the NEU team was so pleased that they have decided to coordinate with the Construct and All Campus teams to sign on more work. Within the next few weeks, Construct will continue to collaborate with NEU School of Law to create another 2-credit course for transfer students to add to their online educational resources.

Construct, All Campus, and Northeastern are excited and looking forward to making a difference through elevating and fostering engaging and positive educational experiences for learners and educators.


Follow us on LinkedIn for updates on project progress and what’s to come next in our continual work with Northeastern University.

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