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Center for Youth Wellness

Case Study


Partnership Length:

February 2020 -July 2020

CYW Headquarters:

San Francisco, California

Number of Courses:

2 One-Hour Courses


ACEs and Childhood Adversity: Preparing Your Practice for ACEs Screening


Best Practices for Communicating About ACEs and Empowering Families to Change

About the Center for Youth Wellness

Center for Youth Wellness (CYW) is a national leader in advancing pediatric medicine, raising public awareness, and transforming the way society responds to children exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress. CYW’s integrated approach brings together a team of experts in primary health care, mental health and wellness, research, policy, education, and community and family support services to meet children and families where they are and help them lead healthier lives. Established about ten years ago and founded by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris (Surgeon General of California), CYW set out to start a conversation about the importance of early screening for ACEs in the medical field. As an established thought leader in the space, CYW encourages and teaches pediatricians when and how to start screening within their clinics.


As experienced healthcare professionals in the area of ACEs, Center for Youth Wellness created the National Pediatric Practice Community, working with several clinics worldwide to help them begin the screening process for ACEs. During their pilot site training program, the CYW team discovered many of the barriers clinics were facing and how to address them. Realizing that having a small team would make it difficult to provide in-person training in many different locations, the team decided that having online courses would make their work more scalable.

Our model was meant for learning and not inherently scalability. We wanted to scale support and lessons

learned to support clinics to do this type

of work the right way.

—Leena Singh



Partnering with Construct

Center for Youth Wellness was under a tight timeline when seeking an Online Program Enablement company to partner with to build their program on the Bridge LMS platform. They wanted to scale support to screen for ACEs properly and effectively.


When entering into a partnership with Construct and Bridge, Center for Youth Wellness had never developed an online program. Due to their depth of knowledge in ACEs but inexperience in the online space, CYW claimed that they really “appreciated the project management and hand-holding” (Leena Singh, LMS Consultant at CYW) that Construct was able to provide. In addition, “the meetings with Construct had structure with the purpose of getting everything done in a timely manner” (Myrnelle Gomez, Training & Technical Assistance Manager at CYW).


Construct was able to not only take the information surrounding ACEs and present it to the audience, but they also presented “expertise in online learning and how the courses should be structured in modules and the appropriate length for absorbing the information,” (Jennifer Marshall, Content Strategist & Copywriter for CYW) allowing the courses to best suit CYW’s

audience of medical providers

and medical specialists.

Project Goals


Reaching more people via a scalable online course model.


Tailoring self-paced courses to suit the needs of busy medical professionals.


Supplementing CYW consulting services for greater accessibility.


Expanding training reach and broadening learning scope.


Completing project within a tight timeline of five months.

We were under a tight timeline and Construct was

one of the only organizations that could get

what we needed done in the timeline

we asked for.

—Molly Peterson



The Process

Phase 1

Learning & Visual Discovery

At the beginning of the project, the Center for Youth Wellness met with Construct for a design session. CYW came to the table with experienced writers for the course. Much of the conversation focused on the most valuable resources to build out the remaining pieces of the courses. Construct committed largely to the Learning Design through translating and curating the content provided by CYW.

Phase 2


Following Construct’s uplift of the content, CYW would connect again for review sessions to edit, provide feedback, or submit recommendations for changes. Both CYW and Construct’s commitment to creating high-quality courses made for a very detail-oriented review process.

Phase 3


Construct quickly created course atlases and course blueprints using resources provided by CYW. CYW then had 1-2 weeks to review these, during which the two teams would meet frequently to make adjustments. Following final approval of the atlases, the courses were built into Bridge by Construct’s Learning Technologists.

Phase 4

Production & Sign-Off

Once Construct built the courses, Construct’s production team drafted video scripts. With the approval from CYW, Construct began delivering motion graphics and scenario videos for the courses. Production feedback resulted in voiceover swaps and text edits. Once completed, the visual elements were added to the Bridge courses, finalized, and approved.

We really appreciated the productivity of it all—the smooth flow, open communication—there was always someone who was available in real-time to address any of

the concerns we had.

—Myrnelle Gomez




Creation and delivery of two one-hour courses within Bridge.

Enhanced visual design by creating two custom motion graphics, two case study videos, and sixty custom graphics.

All course elements were outlined, created, reviewed, and signed-off with CYW’s strict five-month timeline.

Construct completed all project pieces following CYW's budgetary requirements.

The online courses' flexible, self-paced nature enables CYW to meet busy medical providers' needs better.

The courses' scalability allows CYW to have a greater impact and provide support to professionals on a larger scale.

Because we’re a non-profit, and have a specific budget that may not be huge, being able to have a team like Construct that understands that, respects that, and is able to make a quality course without an exuberant amount of money was huge for us.

—Myrnelle Gomez



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