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Ramin Sedehi

Senior Advisor on Strategy

Founder of Impact Human Learning

Ramin Sedehi


Senior Advisor on Strategy

Founder of Impact Human Learning

Executive Biography

Ramin’s career is highlighted by his pragmatic leadership at higher education and health care institutions, as a master teacher creating meaningful learning experiences, and as an entrepreneur and institutional investor in furthering innovation within organizations. He is known as a visionary and strategic leader. His passion is to help organizations thrive amidst adversity and change. He has deep experience and abilities in integrating the multiple expertise and professionals throughout an institution toward building an adaptive, intelligent, and resilient organization.


Ramin is a seasoned executive having led at several world-class organizations (UCSF, UCSF Stanford Health Care, University of Pennsylvania, American University of Beirut, and Weill Cornell Medicine- Qatar) that span health care, academic medicine, consulting, and higher education. He has successfully navigated these entities through periods of great change.


He has developed, led, and/or executed strategic efforts which were built around aspirational objectives, rooted in sustainable financial and organizational frameworks in order to help each entity thrive. Here are some specific achievements:​

  • Development of long-term organizational capability and capacity strategies for a satellite medical school of an Ivy League university

  • Development and delivery of a whole institution-wide master plan, academic strategic plan, and development plan for a leading international university and health system

  • Development and execution of myriad financial and organizational strategic plans to address structural deficits, develop new resources, develop integrated compliance plans, and steward assets at multiple world-class institutions

  • Negotiation and successful acquisition of EPIC electronic medical record system for a large quaternary health care system

  • Development and leadership of a successful strategy consulting practice in higher education

  • Successful execution of a multi-year strategic plan at an Ivy League university to positively impact rankings through improvements in academic reputation, research revitalization, and the built environment.

  • Development of a successful Funds Flow, budgeting, and resource allocation model to enable the integration of four academic medical centers into a single entity

  • Development of the clinical enterprise at a major academic hospital as preparation for a merger

  • An award-winning teacher at an Ivy League institution employing hybrid learning, cohort learning, and experiential learning concepts.

His areas of personal / professional​ interests center on:

-The intersection of all things and Artificial Intelligence; how can we better appreciate the complexity of the intractable problems facing humanity and develop interventions?

-The sustainable institutional structure; how can we promote stability while ensuring continuous innovation, how can we develop financial resources while minimizing societal impact, and how can we promote competition while ensuring compassion?

-Leadership education and development; how can we develop and nurture courageous leaders to address increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and adversity?

Ramin is an active mentor and life coach, an ultrarunner, and an aspiring writer, working on fiction and non-fiction projects.

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